Doing business in a growing region

Doing business in a growing region

Perfectly located at the gateway to Western France, just 90 minutes from Paris and the seat of decision-making, Angers has a thriving business and economic landscape. Economic development agency ALDEV offers bespoke assistance for new ventures. In 2014, 230 companies planning to set up in Angers received help with loans, accommodation, setting up, buyouts or growth strategies. In total, these projects represent more than 500 new jobs over the next 3 years.

Angers is home to companies with international reach such as Cointreau, Scania, Giffard, Eolane, and Evolis to name but a few.





new business rate (2013)


business parks (1,000 Ha)

Business sectors

Angers is internationally renowned for its excellence in the plant science and digital sectors.

The plant science and horticulture sector constitutes a unique skills offering for research, training and production. This ecosystem led to the creation of the worldwide competitive cluster VEGEPOLYS in 2005.
The digital sector is centred around the 1st Cité de l’Objet Connecté, a smart objects hub with French Tech status, which opened its doors in 2015.

Logistics are vital for any business, and this sector is particularly well established in Angers.

60 companies specialising in transport, e-logistics, e-commerce and storage facilities offer their services across the region. Major logistics hubs and a host of delivery firms have chosen Angers as their base for this very reason.

The health sector

In regards to health, Angers CHU university hospital figures among the most pioneering health institutions in the world for developing ground-breaking cancer treatments. For example, in 2015, teams in Angers performed the world’s first ever partial nephrectomy (kidney removal). Mutual opportunities where the digital sector meets the plant world look very promising.

Its cutting edge healthcare facilities, synergy and outstanding training make Angers the perfect place to study medicine. Medical internship union ISNI ranks Angers in 2nd place across France for providing the best training for interns across all faculties.

At regional level, the Pays de la Loire houses a competitive cluster, Atlanpole Biotherapies, where the expertise of research laboratories and businesses in Angers and Nantes converge.

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